The Best Punching Bag for Kids in 2022 is...

#1 Kids Punching Bag Kit

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- Comes with mitts so you can get involved

- Adjustable height

- Lots of fun 


- Quality is more of a toy than a punching bag

- Smaller target size


#2 Jayefo Kids Boxing Kit

This is a great kit for kids because it's easy to hang and it comes with gloves.  It's unfilled witch is a double edge sword - you have to fill it, but you can make it as light or as heavy as you need it to be. 


- Everything you need to get started

- It's unfilled, so it's cheap

- Lots of fun 


- You need to fill it

- You need to hang it

Kids_punching bag_kit.png

# 3 Jukestir

Jukestir's movement is so good, it's like a giant mobile.  It's such a challenge for your coordination.  We rank it #3 because it's basically recommended for teenagers and not kids. 


- Builds coordination 

- Lots of replay value

- Lots of fun 


- Recommended Ages 12 and up

- Needs lots of space