The Best Punching Bag for Beginners in 2022 is...

# 1 Jukestir

Beginners need to work on their footwork and technique, and that's what makes Jukestir our top pick.  We know you just want to hit hard, but footwork and technique is what makes that possible. This bag is like having your own sparring partner. 


- Best movement of any punching bag

- Most footwork 

- Builds speed and accuracy better than any other bag


- Needs more space than most bags

- Cost

#2 Protocol

This bag combines a lot of modern features into one package.  It's a good mix of a slim Muay Thai bag and a solid boxing heavy bag. The shock absorbers make it better than many free standing bags.  


- No hanging required 

- Large striking surface 

- Shock absorbers will save your joints


- Base can get in the way/ prevent some footwork

- Suction cups on the bottom won't stick to some surfaces 

Protocol_punching bag.jpg

#3 Everlast Boxing Kit

This is Everlast's classic beginner package.  It's a good value and a good place to start if your new to boxing or martial arts.  


- Comes with gloves and hand wraps 

- You can secure the bottom (if you want) 

- 70lbs is a good weight for beginners 


- Hanging it - you might need a stand

- You could outgrow it