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The Best All Around Punching Bag of 2023 is...

#1 Jukestir - Coordination  Bag

An unpredictable punching bag is a type of punching bag that moves and sways in unexpected ways, often incorporating features like a base that rocks or pivots, or a flexible shaft or hanging mechanism. These features can make the punching bag more challenging to hit and can help improve the user's coordination, reflexes, and overall boxing or martial arts skills.


- Best movement of any punching bag

- Most footwork 

- Builds speed and accuracy better than any other bag


- Needs more space than most bags

- Cost


#2 Ringside 100 lbs.

A 100-pound punching bag is a heavy bag that is often used for boxing or martial arts training. It is typically filled with materials like sand, water, or foam and is suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a stand.


- 2in foam layer makes it the right balance of hard and soft

- Durability

- Classic heavy bag design


- Hanging it - you might need a stand

- Too light for advanced users


#3 Century Wavemaster

A Wavemaster punching bag is a type of freestanding punching bag that is filled with foam and has a base that is designed to absorb and distribute the impact of punches and kicks. It is often used for boxing, martial arts, and other types of training and exercise.


- No hanging required 

- Large striking surface 

- Classic heavy bag design


- Base can get in the way/ prevent some footwork

- Limited movement

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