The Best All Around Punching Bag of 2022 is...

#1 Jukestir

This bag is like having your own sparring partner. It's not like a double-ended bag where it moves but you hit it in the same place, Jukestir seems to never move the same way twice.  Without question this bag requires the most footwork of any punching bag we have ever seen.  


- Best movement of any punching bag

- Most footwork 

- Builds speed and accuracy better than any other bag


- Needs more space than most bags

- Cost


#2 Ringside 100 lbs.

This classic heavy bag is improved by adding a 2in foam layer.  This will allow you to hit hard and at the same time protect your joints and shoulders. Anyone who has hit a heavy bag for a long period of time will appreciate the foam layer. 


- 2in foam layer makes it the right balance of hard and soft

- Durability

- Classic heavy bag design


- Hanging it - you might need a stand

- Too light for advanced users


#3 Century Wavemaster

The large size allows you to throw a variety of combinations including leg kicks.  The base makes this the easiest punching bag to set up. 


- No hanging required 

- Large striking surface 

- Classic heavy bag design


- Base can get in the way/ prevent some footwork

- Limited movement